Movies I Slept Through – Midnight in Paris

In “Midnight in Paris,” Woody Allen takes me back to the time I spent roaming the streets of Paris in “Twisted Metal 2.”

Gil(Owen Wilson) is a screenwriter who has grown weary of the Hollywood scene. He’s begun working on a novel, but isn’t really confident in his ability to pull off a real piece of art. Gil travels to Paris with his fiance Inez(Rachel McAdams) and her parents(Kurt Fuller and Mimi Kennedy) to celebrate a merger between her father’s company and a French company.

Gil doesn’t get along with Inez’s parents, he’s always looking for an argument and to make matters worse, Gil and Inez run into Paul and Carol(Michael Sheen and Nina Arianda), a couple they know from home. Gil doesn’t get along with Paul either. To be fair, Paul is a pretentious know-it-all who refuses to admit he’s wrong; going as far as to argue with a tour guide.

Actually, Gil doesn’t seem to get along with anyone. He loves Paris, but no one  shares his appreciation for the city’s beauty. He loves walking the streets and dreaming of all the great artists who walked those same streets in the past. Late one night, after a party, Gil decides to walk back to his hotel instead of going dancing with his wife and her friends. While wandering, Gil realizes he’s lost his way so he takes a seat on a stair case. As he sits a bell rings midnight in the distance and a anachronistic car pulls up.

The door opens and a French couple beckons him to enter. Now, personally, I’m not getting into a strange car with anyone after midnight; I don’t care how French the people are. Luckily for the movie, Gil isn’t me. The car takes Gil to what he believes is an elaborate 1920s costume party, but quickly realizes he has actually been transported back to the 1920s. Gil spends the rest of the film jumping back and forth between the past and present visiting some of his heroes and figuring out what is really important to him.

Every performance in “Midnight in Paris” is great. You dislike everyone you’re supposed to dislike and love everyone you’re supposed to love because the film captures Gil’s perspective perfectly. This movie really is a love letter to the city of Paris and a great exploration of the idea that things were better in the past. If you’re the type of person who actually enjoyed a lot of the things you were forced to read in high school, you’ll enjoy “Midnight in Paris.”

A lot of people are freaked out by Woody Allen. I can’t say I blame them, I personally believe he kind of hates women. Most of the movies I’ve seen from him involve a man who’s smart and is well aware of it, but is dating or married to a woman who he feels far superior too except for the fact that she has some sort of emotional control over him. If you have anything against Woody Allen, please set that aside , drink a Full Energy Drink and enjoy.


Movies I Slept Through – Hall Pass

“Hall Pass” is about two middle aged men that get permission from their wives to sneak out of Algebra and play swords in the bathroom for 98 minutes.

“Hall Pass” follows Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis), two kinda douchey guys that are married but can’t stop looking at or talking about other women whenever they’re more than 7 feet from their pretty bitchy wives played by Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate.

After Rick and Fred are caught talking about other women for the millionth time, Rick’s wife decides to give him a “Hall Pass”. Which means he gets a week free from marriage to do whatever he wants without consequence. Through more self indulgent circumstances, Fred also gets a Hall Pass and from there hilarity ensues. Or at least it’s supposed to.

There’s a funny thing about that movie poster. The movies they’re promoting at the top came out in 1998(There’s Something About Mary) and 1994 (Dumb and Dumber), which means you have to go back 13 years to find a movie the Farrelly Brothers have done that would possibly make you think, “Those guys did ‘There’s Something About Mary’ too? That movie is the reason I started finishing into girls’ hair. I’m so there.” Let’s just say they haven’t been on the biggest roll lately and “Hall Pass” continues that streak.

After Rick and Fred receive their Hall Passes, the movie is filled with lame attempts to pick up women, excessive reactions to fairly mild drugs and has two requisite gross out scenes. One of which involves the Unexpected Penis Principle (aka Crotch-22) which is when a penis just appears for comic effect but just makes you uncomfortable. You freeze. You don’t want to stare but you can’t look away and then you just start questioning your sexuality. (Right fellas?)

“Hall Pass” isn’t without it’s bright spots. Stephen Merchant is great in his small roll, a few of the jokes are good for a laugh, and there’s one running joke that has a big pay off at the end of the movie. Also, Merchant has a pretty funny scene during the credits so stick around for that. I have to give “Hall Pass” a Nap During. When the funny stuff hits, it’s pretty good and during the slow points you can at least play a pretty rewarding drinking game if you do shots every time someone says, “Hall Pass”.