Break it Down – Moonrise Kingdom

0:08 – Finally, a live action Angry Birds made by a real director.

0:18 – Now is the moment we can all reflect on the quirkiness of Wed Anderson.

0:23 – I just got flashbacks to My Girl. Why would you go back if you know you’re allergic to bees?! WHY?!

0:28 – Seems to me all of these issues could have been solved more efficiently.

0:36 – If this is Wes Anderson’s Surviving the Game remake, I’m completely in.

0:46 – Edward Norton… you have won me over.

0:57 – Oh man, the quirk keeps comin’.

1:00 – Can we please bring back this look for age appropriate women?

1:08 – Eye patch kid just gave me an idea. Best/Worst drinking game ever: Do a shot every time something is just quirky for the sake of being quirky. I think we’re up to 5 already and this is just the trailer.

1:13 – Shot!

1:14 – Shot!

1:23 – FYI, this is a misleading choice during zombie apocalypse. Seems good, but if it gets lodged in a skull, you’re in trouble.

1:42 – Shot!

1:51 – Annnnnnnnd shot!

What can I say to you Wes Anderson? I mock your quirkiness but I’m still drawn to it. I’m due to revisit some of his movies. I never saw Darjeeling Limited because I hated Life Aquatic. To be fair, I watched it hours after going to a funeral and that’s quite possibly the worst movie to see in that situation. Maybe a revisit is in order?

I’m totally down to see “Moonrise Kingdom.” Wes Anderson does movies that are not only perfect to sleep through, but you want to sleep through them multiple times.