Movies I Slept Through – The Eagle

The Eagle stars Channing Tatum as Marcus Aquila, a Roman soldier with daddy abandonment issues, who saves  a slave  named Esca (Jamie Bell) from sure death at the hands of a gladiator. The two eventually set off into Middle Earth to find the hood ornament from Lincoln Hawk’s truck in Over the Top.

I fell asleep about 4 times at an 11:00am showing which is not very good for an action movie. The scenery is gorgeous. Channing Tatum isn’t incredibly bad, although he does refer to someone as a “silk-ass politician” at some point. Something tells me that was an improvised line.

Do not see this movie if people’s reactions to supposedly horrible sights makes you nauseous because everything bad happens just out of frame. I also just kind of felt bad for The Britons. They weren’t so much trying to bring harm upon the Romans as they were trying to protect their land and way of life. Hmmm, I wonder if the Roman Empire is some type of metaphor for a super power in today’s worl… look at that battle!

The Eagle gets a solid Nap During. You won’t miss anything super important and the battle scenes are loud enough to wake you up.