Break It Down – A Fantastic Fear of Everything

[0:04] – You and I in a little toy shop…

[0:09] – It’s Tim Burton’s The Hedgehog

[0:21] – Ooooh a writer who’s working through some issues, that’s new and interesting.

[0:35] – Simon Pegg’s hair is freaking me out right now

[0:39] – Saw VII: The Tim Burton Hedgehog

[1:02] – Nothing’s fine I’m torn…

[1:08] – I wonder if this Launderette the child was in and he now finds himself standing in front of have any significance whatsoever

[1:24] – Rita! [From Doctor Who/Darjeeling Limited depending on your nerd/quirkiness]

[1:32] – Yeah, I can’t come to work today. What’s that? No, there’s an eyeball in my mouth. My MOUTH not my… No, I said EYE BALL. Ok ok, I’ll come in, but I’m gonna be late.


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