Movies I Slept Through – Drive Angry

Nicolas Cage is back with another WTF Role as he plays Milton, an average man whose daughter is murdered, granddaughter is kidnapped and then escapes from hell to avenge her death and get the baby back. (This isn’t a joke, it’s the actual plot of the movie.)

The movie picks up post escape from hell. I can only assume they chose to do this because we’ve already seen so many movies about how one escapes from hell that you can guess the plot from beginning to end without ever bothering to watch. Instead, they decide to go with a relatively new story arch commonly referred to as a “revenge” story. The “revenge” story first appeared in the 2008 film, Taken, and has been gaining in popularity ever since.

Milton meets Piper(Amber Heard), a super hot, foul mouthed waitress who drives a really awesome car and can hold her own in a fight. Through a series of not so coincidences, the two join forces in search of the cult leader that killed Milton’s daughter. They’re also being followed by The Accountant(William Fichtner). He’s a badass sent by the devil to bring Milton back.(He’s also probably still upset that he got through to second rounds of auditions to play one of the Agents in The Matrix but lost out because he kept making puns and telling everyone when they were going to die.)

Long story short, the plot of this movie is freaking confusing. Especially if you’re slipping in and out of consciousness like I was. The best use of the 3D for me came from the glasses making the theater a little bit darker so I was able to sleep better. Drive Angry isn’t terrible if you’re in the right mood for a grindhouse-esque movie and have the extra cash to pay for 3D. It did make me laugh a few times and by the end I found myself enjoying the complete absurdity of this world without consequences.

Drive Angry gets a Doze Off with the chance to be a Nap Before if you’re really into boobies and for some reason don’t have access to the internet.


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